SIG events
Wednesday, June 1st 2011
14:00 - 15:45
Hotel Olümpia, Lambda

SIG Gender Equality and Diversity in Management: plenary

Chairwoman: Dr. Beverly Dawn Metcalfe
Programme chairs: Dr. Aminu Mamman (Centre for Organizations’ and Development, IDPM, University of Manchester) & Dr. Jawad Syed (University of Kent)

1. Overview and development of Gender SIG since 2005 – Beverly Dawn Metcalfe, Jawad Syed, IJPA Special Issue.
2. The Future of Gender, Race and Diversity Research in a Global Economy – Prof. Mustafa Özbilgin, Brunel University – Editor-in-Chief, BJM.
3. Challenges and Opportunities for Gender and Diversity Research: A Critical Review of Global Research Evaluation Frameworks – Dr. Beverly Dawn Metcalfe.
4. Proposal for more inclusive SIG name: Dr. BDM, Dr. AM, Dr. JS, Prof. A. Akriss.
5. SIG Committee Structure and Organization 2012 Planning.