SIG events
Wednesday, June 1st 2011
14:00 - 15:45
Hotel Olümpia, Sigma

SIG Corporate Governance: pre-conference

Preconference programme:

14.00-14.10 Welcome and introduction by SIG chairs

14.10-14.20 Introduction to the special theme of the preconference “Qualitative research on Corporate Governance” and introduction to the special issue of Corporate Governance: an International Review on “Developing Corporate Governance Research through Qualitative Research” by Alessandro Zattoni.

14.20-14.45 Lecture on “Qualitative research on boards and Top Management Teams” by Annie Pye. Annie will talk about her third major project in a series of studies of qualitative research on top management teams and boards.

14.45-15.10 Lecture on “Inside the Boardroom: Reflections on Going Native" by Lee Parker. Lee will talk about his experiences as a qualitative researcher undertaking complete member researcher participant observation studies in three organizational boardrooms (as a full board member). He would like to reflect on why do it, how one gets in and what the process is like.

15.10-15.35 Lecture on “What passes as a rigorous case study” by Winfried Ruigrok. Winfried will talk about his recent work on the several important methodological aspects of case study research.

15.35-15.50 Questions and discussion