Thursday, June 2nd 2011
09:00 - 10:30
Hotel Olümpia, Beta

Symposium: Empowering Women Across the Globe: Advocacy, Education, and Leadership Development

Symposium Presenter:
Professor Susan R. Madsen
Orin R. Woodbury Professor of Leadership and Ethics
Utah Valley University

Empowering and developing women has become a popular topic of discussion in the literature and
for all kinds of organizations (public, private, social sector) around the world. This includes dialogue
concerning the inclusion of more women’s voices in local, regional, country, and worldwide roles
and issues. Although progress has been made to have more women in leadership positions from the
grassroots to CEO levels, the work has just begun. Developing more women of influence requires
work in three areas: advocacy, education, and leadership development. The aim of this symposium is
to share research findings and insights in these three areas in order to assist in moving the dialogue
forward regarding future research and practice. For example, with advocacy one of the most
challenging types of leadership today involves influencing societies toward social change. Often
social change involves a wide variety of stakeholders (e.g., government leaders, legislators, higher
and public educational system employees, religious leaders and members, business owners and
employees, families and private citizens). Within management, organization development and change
has provided models that deliver a social change framework. The importance of educating girls and
women in various countries has been the topic of a number of influential books and articles, and new
findings will be shared that emphasize the value of education in developing leadership competencies
in women. Finally, a few highlights from a series of women and leadership research studies will
highlight important keys to developing more women of influence. The symposium will also provide
opportunity for engaging dialogue as well.

Dr. Madsen has done extensive research on the lifetime development of high profile women leaders
in various countries and has recently done in-depth research on the role of a college education on
assisting women develop leadership abilities. She has published two books and a host of scholarly
and trade articles on her work. She presents widely and recently spoke to the NGO Commission on
the Status of Women at the United Nations in New York (March) and also in Geneva (last summer).

Keywords: women and leadership, education, empowerment, social change, advocacy