Presidents' events
Thursday, June 2nd 2011
11:00 - 12:30
Hotel Olümpia, Gamma

Presidents' internal roundtable discussion

Presidential Activities, EURAM 2011

The aim of different “Presidential Activities” at the EURAM meeting in Tallinn 1-4 of June 2011 is to discuss and advance opportunities for collaboration between different scholarly associations of management. As scholarly associations of management we all serve various needs among scholars, in the business world and in the various societies we are relating to. I have as EURAM president been in discussion with presidents of various similar organisations, and the European Academy of Management now follows up the discussion several academies of management last year took a part in last year during the US Academy of Meeting in Montreal – to join forces in exploring and meeting these needs by having regular meetings between the members of these associations.
The presidents of three different types of scholarly associations of managements have this year been invited to the EURAM meeting in Tallinn; regional/country associations in Europe, regional associations other places in the world, including IFSAM and other coordinating associations, and associations specialising in particular management topics.

Three different types of “Presidential Activities” will be organised; internal roundtable discussions, panel discussions open for the conference participants, and a reception.
The various “Presidential Activities” including their programmes will be coordinated by Professor Michele Morner ( Comments and suggestions about the content of the programme can be raised to me or directly to her.

We plan a roundtable where the representatives of the scholarly management associations systematically can discuss the challenges they are facing individually or jointly, and initiatives for collaborations and ways to meet the future.

Moderator: Michèle Morner

Morten Huse (EURAM - European Academy of Management)
Abby Ghobadian (BAM - British Academy of Management)
Donatella Depperu (AIDEA - Italian Academy of Management)
Caren Sureth (VHB - German Academic Association for Business Research)
Thomas Durand (SFM - French Academy of Management)
Milenko Gudic (CEEMAN - East European Management Development Association)
Yvon Pesqueux (IFSAM - International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management)
Anneke Fitzgerald (ANZAM - Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management)
Panikos Poutziouris (IFERA - International Family Enterprise Research Academy)
David Smallbone (ESCB - European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship)
Eero Vaara (EGOS - European Group of Organization Studies; AOM - Academy of Management)
Gilbert Lenssen (EABIS - The Academy of Business in Society)
Virginijus Kundrotas ( BMDA - Baltic Management Development Association)