Thursday, June 2nd 2011
13:30 - 15:30
Hotel Olümpia, Omega

Symposium: EURAM Entrepreneurship Symposium

- Dr. Yannick Bammens (Maastricht University, The Netherlands)
- Dr. Hans Lundberg (Linnaeus University, Sweden)

- Prof. Luca Gnan, EURAM vice-president (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy)
- Prof. Morten Huse, EURAM president (BI Norwegian School of Management, Norway)

- Prof. Alain Fayolle (EMLyon Business School, France)
- Prof. Bengt Johannisson (Linnaeus University, Sweden)
- Prof. Hans Landström (Lund University, Sweden)
- Prof. David Smallbone (Kingston University, UK)

Description of the symposium:
This year the EURAM Annual Conference will, for the very first time, host a symposium
devoted to the topic of entrepreneurship. This event signals the growing importance of
entrepreneurship research within the management field, and EURAM’s heightened dedication
to involve entrepreneurship scholars in its vibrant community. As such, this year’s
symposium constitutes a first step towards the development of a full entrepreneurship SIG in
the years to come.

Some of the most renowned entrepreneurship scholars in Europe have agreed to participate in
this symposium as panelist. Each of our panelists has an impressive track record in both
entrepreneurship research and teaching. During the symposium, these panelists will share
their insights on several important entrepreneurship-related topics including:

- An historical perspective of entrepreneurship as a field of study;
- The importance of context in investigations of entrepreneurship;
- Bridges between academic entrepreneurship research and public policy;
- Teaching entrepreneurship at business schools;
- Trends and directions in entrepreneurship research.

The symposium welcomes conference participants interested in the broad field of
entrepreneurship (e.g., new venture creation, innovation, SMEs), and offers them an insightful
overview of the field, in-depth discussion of entrepreneurship topics high on the agenda, and
the opportunity for dialogue with a panel of esteemed entrepreneurship scholars.