Presidents' events
Thursday, June 2nd 2011
14:00 - 15:30
Hotel Olümpia, Gamma

Panel discussion with presidents

PANEL A: Regional Academies Beyond Europe

The panels are divided into three different sub-themes:

• Panel A: Regional Academies beyond Europe, including IFSAM
• Panel B: Topic related Academies and Associations
• Panel C: Regional Academies of Management in Europe.

In each panel every representative has got five minutes to introduce himself/herself and give a short summary of his ideas concerning opportunities of collaboration and visions of research (see below “Topics to be presented/discussed”). After all participants have introduced themselves the audience poses questions and panel participants answer and/or shortly discuss the issues.

Topics to be presented/discussed in Panel A:
• Short introduction of respective academy and its main aims
• Opportunities for collaboration between Non-European and European academies
• Future visions for research

Moderator: Michèle Morner

Caren Sureth (VHB - German Academic Association for Business Research)
Milenko Gudic (CEEMAN - East European Management Development Association)
Yvon Pesqueux (IFSAM - International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management)
Anneke Fitzgerald (ANZAM - Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management)
Virginijus Kundrotas (BMDA - Baltic Management Development Association)