Special events
Thursday, June 2nd 2011
16:00 - 17:30
Hotel Olümpia, Alfa 1

Special event: Coaching by values: An innovative concept, methodology and tools for conducting culture reengineering - Simon Dolan

Session for practicioners

Event Chair: Simon L. Dolan

In order to affect real change in organizations, you need to have a (1) convincing
theory, model or concept, (2) you need to have a clear methodology on how to
implement the concept , and (3) specific tools to be used. The session will describe this
unique approach to culture reengineering, based on a book that has just been published,
as well as a series of papers that are currently in press in the scholarly journals and in
the professional journals.

The concept relies on some fundamental assumptions (paradigms): First that everyone
can develop a personal life and find or create a work situation imbued with creativity,
innovation, meaning and playfulness. Second, everyone can find relative happiness at
work, despite the dour predictions of politicians and pundits. And, finally any manager
can and should be a coach (i.e. the emerging leadership characteristics).

The session has been prepared for academic, managers and MBA student community.
It begins with a general view of why organizations at the XXI century need a significant
culture change. It than presents an overview of “Managing by values” as a mean to
enhance excellence in organizations. The concept has been described in details in a
series of papers by the author and a book.1 But primarily, this book is about values and
coaching; it is about the diagnosis of gaps between personal and organizational values,
and it is about coaching for increasing the value alignment. Throughout the session, a
distinct way of thinking about culture and about values will be presented. The Tri-Axial
model will be examined as a framework for change. A brief introduction of the
methodology and tools for conducting value reengineering will be described. This later
part is the core of the concept “Coaching by Values”2.

1 Dolan S.L. Garcia S., Richley B., (2006) “Managing by Values” . A corporate guide to Living, being
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