SIG events
Friday, June 3rd 2011
09:00 - 10:30
Hotel Olümpia, Alfa 1

SIG Knowledge & Learning Management: plenary and DWG

The purpose of the Knowledge and Learning SIG Plenary/General Development Workshop (GDW) is to discuss current and emerging issues in in the field of Organisational and Managerial Learning that have a strategic impact on organizations, and to discuss how the work of the EURAM SIG can contribute to other discussions around this theme occurring in a variety of scholarly arenas such as the Academy of Management (US and British) and the European Group for Organisational Studies.
The aim is to continue to develop the agenda for the EURAM Knowledge and Learning SIG and particularly to:
(i)Discuss the integrative aspects of learning and knowledge in organizations that have the potential to have a strategic impact
(ii)To find potential vehicles that can integrate the membership and activities in these various streams of research
(iii)We aim to engage members in dialogue and action that would further the scholarly field of learning and knowledge in organizations.