Friday, June 3rd 2011
11:00 - 12:30
Hotel Olümpia, Omega

Conference-wide symposium: Projects and the academy: A paradox?

Symposium Chair:
Professor Graham M Winch
Manchester Business School

Organisational Coordinator:
Graham M Winch
Manchester Business School
+44 77 99 79 18 30

Business is increasingly done through projects – many vital business processes are now
organised as projects and the membership of project management professional institutions
around the world is growing rapidly. This is contributing to a significant change in managerial
culture as organisations shift emphasis from functions to processes. Yet, this growing importance
in the world of practice is not reflected in the teaching and research of the academy within
business schools. Here, project management is typically seen as little more than a chapter in an
operations management text-book, and few business schools see project management as an
essential part of their profile. The aim of this symposium is to explore this paradox seeking both
the reasons for it, and what might be done to increase alignment between the business world and
the academy so far as projects and their management are concerned.

Speakers: Graham Cattell, formerly Group Head of Projects and Capability, BP
Janne Holli, Director, IT Projects, Elisa Corporation
Prof Jonas Söderlund, BI Norwegian Business School

Sponsors: Project Management Institute, International Project Management Association

Keywords: project management, business school curriculum, management research agenda