Saturday, June 4th 2011
09:00 - 10:30
Estonian Business School, 109

Symposium: Changes in administrative governance model and new scenario-building practices

Symposium Chairs:

First session “State models in contemporary political science”. Chair: Leif Kalev, Director
of Tallinn University Institute for Political Science and Governance ;

Second session “State models in scenario-building practices and main trends in use of
multiple scenario method “. Chair: Kitty Kubo, Deputy Director of Estonian Development
Fund ;

Organisational Coordinator:
Dr. Erik Terk, Director of the Tallinn University Estonian Institute for Futures Studies, prof. of
strategy and futures studies
phone: +37256484567

It is becoming increasingly clear, especially after the recent international financial crises that the
existing models for the public and private sector management are no longer working well. New
solutions are needed in order to cope with the changing international environment. This
background intensifies the discussions around the role of the state: what should the state do in
shorter and longer perspective to develop its economy and how the cooperation with the private
sector should be arranged.
One of the extremely interesting information sources for finding answers to the above questions
are scenario-building and other foresight exercises carried out in a number of countries. These
exercises reflect a new suitable combinations for adaptation with the international (business)
environment, with the domestic political environment of the country and the thinking about
developmental roles of the state in general.
The idea of the planned Tallinn conference symposium is to gather and analyse scenario building
experiences from various countries, the methodologies applied in them and the treatment of the
changing role of the state in these foresight exercises and in the new theoretical literature.
The symposium is organized by Tallinn University (Estonian Institute for Futures Studies and
Institute for Political Science and Governance ) in cooperation with special organizational body
under Estonian Parliament, Estonian Development Fund. A number of foresight specialists and
researches of governance problems from Great Britain, Sweden , Finland and other countries
gave a preliminary acceptance to participate.

Keywords: scenario-building; state theories, roles of the state